Offshore products

We produce special containers and equipment intended for petroleum industry.

The containers are of the “offshore” type which means they are certified according to respective standards for reloading on an open sea.

Container tests

Necessary tests are performed using our own equipment under the supervision of certification agencies.

We perform two basic types of tests:

35Production test where the primary structure of the container is tested for the required load (up to 100 tons) and the container is gripped at 2 or 4 points.

35– Prototype test, in particular the fall test, where the primary structure of the prototype is dropped from a special hinge to the ground.

We are able to ensure containers:

According to submitted documentation of the customer which has already been certified

Containers for storage of power units

Containers intended for the technology for measuring the drill well depth

We are able to elaborate design documentation according to basic parameters defined by the customer including certification assurance.

Workshop containers are only produced according to the defined basic parameters of the customer.

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Certification of production preparation and production process

The entire offshore production has to meet the prescribed standards according to EN 12079 (DNV 2.7.1)

The whole process of preparation and production is checked by independent certification agencies.

Our company cooperates with:

Lloyd´s Register

Lloyd´s Register